PDP Raises Alarm Over Suspension Of House Member, As Gamji Solicits For peace


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Sikirat Shehu



Members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ilorin South local government are of Kwara State has raised alarm over the illegal suspension and humiliation of Jimoh Agboola Abdulraheem, a member representing the constituency at

the state house of Assembly.


A release by Adamu Olanrewaju Oloyin, the PDP Chairman, Ilorin South Local Government Area titled  ‘if our democratic ideals must change, it rather be for a better: the case of Hon. Jimoh Agboola Andulraheem and the 9th KWHA, a set back for our democracy’ started that “In about 20years or more of democracy as a means of governance in Nigeria, democracy has witnessed many ups and downs and the singular conviction remains the fact that democracy has come to stay in our nation.


In respect of the above, one can clearly see that the ongoing illegal suspension of Hon. Jimoh Agboola Abdulraheem of Ilorin South local government state constituency is a set back for our democracy i.e where rule of law no longer holds in the face of injustices.


The move and body language of the honourable speaker of the 9th Kwara House of Assembly; Hon. Saliu Yakubu Danladi is a bad omen and setback for our hardly earned democracy. This is why we called that if our democracy must change, it rather be for a better.


Since the inception of office by the speaker, the head of the 9th KWHA has continued to act as if he is a leader of an occultic group by turning his back to norms molesting and desecrating rule of laws. This is exactly what came into play when the highest arbiter of election matters as related to the state house of Assembly pronounced Hon. Jimoh Agboola Abdulraheem as the rightful representative of Ilorin South local government state constituency and should be sworn in.


Every good citizens of Kwara can remember the show of shame and the in experience display of the speaker, Hon. Saliu Danladi and the Clerk of the house when they took the matter to Supreme Court before they were rubbished out, he eventually got compelled at the sight of prison and then did the needful.


The show of shame and highest legislative rascality coupled with experiences has continued to persist with this set of Representatives especially when they illegally suspended their colleague for granting a radio program where he expressed opinion on the poor state of his constituency and the need for government’s attention and interventions.



The honourable representing Ilorin South constituency was pronounced suspended, just to resume plenary after 6 months, alas! On his resumption he was again pronounced another 14 days of suspension.


One would not seize to wonder that despite the youthfulness of the speaker and the high alertness of our youths to right the many wrongs of the past so as to strengthen our democracy, Hon. Saliu Danladi has chosen to mar our democracy with irregularities and highest impunities by carrying out every order of the executive as if the house of Assembly is its appendage.


It has now become evident that the “O to ge” mantra that brought the likes of the speaker and the government of the day in Kwara State to power has nothing reasonable to offer except hardship. This is shown by their 3 years of wastefulness and feeding fat on our collective patrimony.


Kwara State has grown beyond pettiness and this is why the government of the recent past mandated stating to the public on monthly basis the Federal allocations to the state, and the internally generated revenue (IGR) which Chus explains how our expenditures are going.


One cannot but continue to clamour for the signing of the FOI bill which could thus allow for a query where the need be. But despite a fervent efforts by ENETSUD the government of Mall. Abdulrahman Abdulrasak and the 9th KWHA has refused to let the bill pass or even see the light of the day.


If a government should fail in transparency, I wonder where else it can prove to us of her commitment towards our plight.

The secrecy is what the speaker and the 9th Assembly members of APC are putting to play when they made sure that the only opposition member of PDP is completely shot out from witnessing and letting a voice in the presentation and defense of the 2021 and 2022 budget and turning Kwara House of Assembly to APC assembly.


We hope that they are aware that this act is a denial of representation to the people of Ilorin South local government and has no basis under law. It has so far received utmost reservations by our people and it’s now high time that this injustice is put to a final stop.


We hope that all concerned would humble themselves and allow our democracy to thrive as supposed. Failure to do so shall begin to attract necessary steps and we hope these would not be let to translate to a bridge of existing peace in the state of harmony.”



Meanwhile, members of the Gamji Members Association of Nigeria, Kwara State Chapter have appealed to Nigeria politicians to consolidate on the proud footprints of the founding fathers of Nigeria at ensuring a united and indivisible country.


The association also called on the elites, the youths and all Nigerians to be wary of separatist agitators and support the government’s efforts at restoring security, peaceful coexistence and stability in all parts of the Country.


In a statement issued in Ilorin by the President General of Kwara Gamji, Professor Abubakar Laaro, enjoined the electoral umpire,  INEC,  security agencies and other organizations responsible for the conduct of elections to create a level playing ground for all political parties and ensure a hitch-free, credible and acceptable exercise.


Members of the association who met in Ilorin the Kwara State capital at Kwara Hotels  highlighted the qualities and achievements of late Sarduana of Sokoto, Premier of Northern Nigeria,  Sir Ahmadu Bello whom they described as a selfless ,patriotic, exemplary Nigerian and a  Pan Africanist who was killed on 15th , January, 1966.


They, however, urged Nigerian politicians to emulate the unbiased nature, incorruptible leadership qualities of the late Sarduana that which attracted to Nigerians across the country irrespective of religious, tribal or regional differences as a result of which he lived happily with  Hausas,  Igbos, Yorubas, Tivs and other tribes, justly, fairly and equitably.


The Gamji members expressed great concern over the security challenges facing the nation particularly Northern Nigeria which they said was most hit by these acts of criminality and therefore stressed the need for Nigerians to bury their political, ethnic or religious differences and work together to bring the activities of the bandits, kidnappers and other criminals to an end.


Members of the association commended the nation’s security apparatus for fighting tooth and nail to overcome the bandits but enjoined them to device new strategies to finally silence the criminals more so that President Muhammadu Buhari and a reputable court of law  have declared the bandits as terrorists.


The Gamji members praised the efforts of President Buhari in piloting the affairs of the nation.


The association also praised the Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for the remarkable achievements he has recorded so far in the state and appealed to the people of the state to give him unhindered support for him and his government to actualize the dream of making Kwara investors’ destination rather than engaging on diversionary politics and politics of of bitterness and hatred.

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