New Investor  Purchase Dahiru Mangal’s Shareholding In Oando


New major investor acquires Dahiru Mangal's shareholding in Oando | The  Paradise News



Oando Plc Monday said a new substantial investor, Leaf Investment & Realtors Limited, has acquired 1,968,452,614 units of the company’s shares previously belonging to Dahiru Mangal.

The transaction brings to 15.83 percent Leaf Investment & Realtors Limited stake in the energy firm, the oil  company stated in a statement made available on the Nigerian Exchange Limited’s website


The disagreement between Oando and Security and Exchange Limited was settled in the overriding interest of the shareholders of the company and the capital market after years of legal tussle.

The agreement included payment of all monetary penalties stipulated in the commission’s letter of May 31, 2019.



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