KWACOBPA Seeks Special Attention On Security For Business To Thrive





Kwara govt reiterates commitment to ease of doing business

Sikirat Shehu




Kwara Coalition of Business and Professional Associations (KWACOBPA) has advocated that adequate attention be given economic security for business to thrive.



The Coalition, however, called on the state government to address insecurity issues affecting business communities in the state.



Addressing journalists on revised Kwara State Business Agenda on the sideline of stakeholders’ meeting in Ilorin, Wednesday, Olalekan Ayodimeji, the chairman of the association, urged the government to look into the deplorable condition of road network and inefficient waste management in the business environment.



According to Ayodimeji, every security matter is local. With such measures as security watch, members of the local vigilance group in every community would know members in their areas and map out measures to prevent outsiders from perpetuating crimes in their own community.



He noted that inadequate security in business environment was one of the priority issues selected by the coalition and researched on by the researcher for 2016

state business agenda.




Ayodimeji informed that for the update of 2016 State Business Agenda, the researcher carried out survey on inadequate security in Business Sector and established the following findings;



“Farmers constitute a large percentage of total population in Kwara state. And we all agree that we need food for our survival, just like we need sustained and secured environment for business development. We’ve made advocacy visits to the state government, heads of security agencies in the state and we hope that the issue will be addressed.”




“All recommendation on inadequate security as contained in 2016 business agenda were

not implemented. 76% of the respondents confirmed that purchase of 25 armored personnel carriers was not implemented.

57%% of the respondents also believed that recommendations on purchase of additional 120 patrol vans were not carried out.



” Research survey also confirmed that security situation in the state has not improved as 295 or 54.4% of the respondents claimed that security situation has not improved. To further establish the claim the respondents were asked to rate crime as either very high, high low or indifferent, out of 542, 407 or 75% of the respondents rated crime situation since

2016 as either very high or high.



” On which of the security challenges has the greatest impact on the business sector, 205 or 37.8% of the respondents

voted bank robbery while highway

robbery with 170 or 31.4% was voted second.


” Highway robbery has the highest rate of occurrence especially in the Kwara North according to the respondents. 215 or 40% rated highway robbery has the highest rate of occurrence.



“Research findings also noted the devastating robbery which took place in Offa at which six banks and Divisional Police Headquarters were callously attacked. At the end of the operation, 55 people were gruesomely murdered out of which 9 were police personnel and 2 bankers.



“Research findings also established that these vices are blamed on non-implementation of state business agenda, illiteracy among the youth, unemployment, failure of the state to punish infractions, Nigeria’s porous borders, poor response by security agents, and failure of parents and religious leaders”.

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