DISCO For Women Holds 2022 Conference On ‘Breaking The Glass Ceiling’ in Kwara

Some of the participants at the event

As part of its commitment towards creating diverse opportunities and eliminating all forms of discrimination in the workplace for all staff; Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company

(IBEDC), on Tuesday organized a gender initiative programme for women to fulfill their true potential.

Speaking at the event, Christopher Lawal, the regional Head IBEDC for Kwara, declared that ” IBEDC deemed it fit that ladies and women within the organisation need to be encouraged and empowered to give their best in different careers.

“Also, opportunities are bond for women to move from one section within the organisation to another as it sooth their development in the job.

“IBEDC is committed to creating a diverse environment and ensuring equal opportunities, fairness of treatment, dignity, work-life balance and eliminating all forms of discrimination in the workplace for all staff and job applicants.

In her submission, Angela Olanrewaju, the Head Branding and Corporate Communication for IBEDC disclosed that “In 2015  USAID/IBEDC  signed an  MOU on engendering utility programs. The USAID-Engendering Utilities Programme provides a strong platform to infuse the needed diversity required to recruit, train and empower more women into IBEDC workforce, which will ultimately impact our bottom line and stakeholder value.

“This edition of the DISCO for Women is themed breaking the glass ceiling. It is aimed at creating opportunities for women who have broken the barriers in their careers to helping younger women find their way, especially in male-dominated professions.”

Olanrewaju, however, advised girl child not to feel relegated or discouraged, adding that “we have a level playing field now, Glenda is no longer an issue. Females should take the charge of every opportunity. If you feel like going into engineering; the sky is your limit, just make sure you have clear focus of what you want to do and work towards achieving that vision.”

Surajudeen-Bakinde Nazmat, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Ilorin, discussed the topic ” Breaking The Glass Celling: Optimising Career Opportunities” noted that one way to break through barriers is to put yourself in charge of whenever you can.

Nazmat, who is the Keynote Speaker of the event, pointed ed out that, women can break the celling by being servant leaders who put others ahead of themselves and are prepared to sacrifice for the greater good.

“A servant leader has five Cs – characteristics of which make her stand out. Care, Clarity of vision, Core values, Commitment to growth and Creating a will to sacrifice.

“These can make glass ceiling shattering easier. The glass ceiling doesn’t have to hold you back from reaching the leadership role you want.

“It can be a challenge to start a business, but becoming your own boss offers unlimited growth.  Get help from experts with training, support, marketing and technology, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of the business.

“Utilize technology and social media responsibly to manage your time as professionals, and above all, be prayerful.”

Sikirat Shehu


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