Commencement of YPPH 2023: Academy of Public Health Welcomes Young Professionals in Public Health




The Academy of Public Health, a division of the West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH), is pleased to announce the commencement of the Young Professionals in Public Health (YPPH) programme on 23rd June 2023.

The induction ceremony will mark the beginning of a transformative journey for 296 young and emerging public health workers, selected from a pool of over 5000 applicants.

The YPPH programme, an award-winning initiative, aims to develop the competencies of young professionals in public health, fostering their leadership skills grounded in equity, systems design, and the vision of the Africa We Want. This programme represents a significant step toward growing health literacy champions, localising innovative ideas, and decolonising global health practices.

The finalists, hailing from 26 countries, reflect the programme’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The majority of participants come from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, India, and Uganda, showcasing the global reach and impact of the YPPH initiative.

Notably, despite the ongoing Sudanese Crisis, the programme proudly welcomes three finalists from Sudan. This year also marks the debut of France, Turkey, United States and Yemen on the YPPH list, further expanding the programme’s international footprint.

Gender disaggregation of the approved cohort reveals a balanced representation, with 152 males (51%) and 144 females (49%). The Academy of Public Health acknowledges the importance of gender equity and recognizes the unique perspectives and contributions that individuals from diverse backgrounds bring to public health.

The induction ceremony will be graced by esteemed personalities, including the Director-General of WAIPH, Dr. Francis Ohanyido (Chief Host), and the President of the Academy of Public Health, Dr. Ferhat Khan (Host). Their leadership and expertise will guide the young professionals as they embark on their journey toward becoming equity-minded and systems design grounded leaders.

The Academy of Public Health is thrilled to welcome the 2023 YPPH participants and looks forward to empowering them to address the pressing public health challenges of our time. The YPPH programme embodies the spirit of Africa’s New Public Health Order and the Africa We Want, fostering young leaders who will shape a healthier and more equitable future for all.

Anthonia Obokoh

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