Pepper Leaves – Rich in Nutrients, Easy to Grow




There are lots of plants that are growing or can be grown all around us.

Most of them are yet to be identified so we don’t know they are so very useful.

One of it is pepper leaves which can be used in cooking e.g meat and gives it a spicy taste. I would soon be exploring the possibility of drying it and blending into powder to use as a barbecue or ‘suya’ spice in grilling chicken, fish, beef, goat meat and so on.

How did it get to my garden? – I sprayed some seeds which I couldn’t identify some months ago to see what plants would emerge.

When I saw these plants in the picture, I did some research and found out they are pepper leaves – commonly used in other continents to season food.

I then cut the stems and planted in sacks and they are growing- so easy to grow through seeds or stems.

I read that pepper leaves are rich in vitamins like A and C. Eating them i.e. including them in food can help improve the health of consumers i.e. boost immunity

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