Magodo Residents Protest Distortion of Physical and Enviromental Planning Of Their Area

Some of the residents protesting

The Magodo Residents Association (MRA) in Lagos has cried out for help as  some official of the state government have come with spurious Bill  in the state  House of Assembly claiming that they want  to develop the wetland behind the GRA.

The wetlands separate it from adjacent settlements such as Isheri, Ketu, Ajiliti and Ikorodu.

Why the residents stated that they are not against the development of the wetland, they however became curious when they discovered that some of the roads networks proposed for  the wetlands run through Magodo Phase II as against the wetlands.

According to Olatunbosun Akinbami, Environmental Secretary, Magodo Resident Association (MRA,), he said, it is easier and cheaper for the government to cut into Bashir Shittu Road, Adetoro Adelaja and SE zone, stating further that this development is the major concern of the residents

“We are not stopping any proposals for development of the wetlands but leave Magodo Phase ll out of it.”

They feared that some mischievous people are making efforts to change a purely residential estate to Mushin or Ajegunle all in the name of a proposed ‘KOSOFE MODEL CITY’

“We however wish that government would consider the Environmental and social impact of this proposal because the wetlands are the collector of most waters from ikeja, Magodo, Isheri and some part of Ogun River. How on earth would you for the sake of revenue destroy a natural habitat and eventual buyers’ lives in future danger.”

“We are just pleading that a road should just be constructed to create a boundary between us and burst out at Otedola bridge. That is our simple prayer.

“We want the sanctity of Magodo Phase ll to be maintained. Imagine all traffics from ikorodu, Ketu, Ajiliti and Isheri all passing through Bashir Shittu Road. Or imagine Lagos Ibadan express road having an extension into Bashir Shittu Road. Its just unthinkable. It’s sickening. Its complete banishment!!!!”

They said their security and the estate sanity would be gone if this happens. The estate sanity is gone.

“That is why we need to stand up and fight for our environment. We need to fight for our children. We need to fight for the animals whose lives are dependent on the wetlands. We need to fight for nature. We need to fight for our LIVES!!!”

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