Kwara Govt Urges Doctors To Suspend Warning Strike



Kwara govt begs doctors to suspend strike, says committed to agreements



Sikirat Shehu



The Kwara State government has appealed to the doctors in the state to look into the financial standing of the state, which is at the bottom of federal revenue allocation table, saying the government is committed to improve the welfare of the entire public labour.



A statement on Monday by Abubakar O. Ayinla, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, Kwara State reads “We are dismayed by the decision of the doctors to hold a warning strike despite the unprecedented commitments of the government to their welfare. While it is the right of labour unions to press for the right and welfare of their members, it is important to state that this administration has done so well for the health sector and it is prepared to do a lot more within available resources.



” It is important to observe also that the government has met all their demands while salary adjustment was put at 70%. This was done in good faith and in recognition of the primacy of the health of our people. Notwithstanding the strike, Government remains committed to the agreements already reached in the unprecedented marathon meeting personally chaired by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for much of Sunday, October 31, 2021.


“However, we appeal to the doctors to look at the bigger picture and the financial standing of Kwara State, which is at the bottom of federal revenue allocation table. It is also important to reflect on where we are coming from and the progress so far made in not just the health sector but in other areas. Every segment of the state workforce is important, and government is equally working to improve the welfare of the entire public labour community in line with the ethos of the administration.



“We urge our medical doctors to consider immediate suspension of the action while government implements the 70% proposal that its finances can struggle with at this time. Suspension of the action will reaffirm the time-honoured belief of health workers in the sanctity of human life and stability of the public health system.”

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