Taraba State Governor Calls For Constitution Review on Mining


Mining: Governor Ishaku Calls For Constitution Review – Channels TelevisionMining: Governor Ishaku Calls For Constitution Review – Channels TelevisionGovernor Ishaku calls for review of mining rights - Daily Post Nigeria


Olusola  Bello

Tired of always going to Abuja  to collect monthly allocation  that nevers solve any problems in  his  state, the Taraba state Governor Darius Ishaku has called for constitutional review as it concerns mining rights.

Mining is currently mostly under the Federal Government’s control under the law, but the Governor believes the exclusivity is worrisome and should be reviewed to promote development of the sector.

According to him, Governors across the country have proffered solutions to the Federal government in order to have a win-win situation, but the Federal Government has paid deaf ears to their suggestions.

The Governor made the comment while inaugurating the Governing Council of the Taraba State College of Agriculture at the Government House in Jalingo.

“The mineral that is below the ground belongs to the Federal Government, but I have the right on the surface of the ground,” he said. “So how do you go under the ground without calling on the landowner to access it?

“That is the crux of the matter. And it hasn’t been resolved. The exclusivity of mining to the Federal Government is one of those things that people who are calling for the review of the constitution, among the several.

“So we find ourselves in this tight corner. Some of us have proffered so many solutions, as to how we can go about this to achieving a win-win solution for both the federal and state governments.”

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