Nigeria’s Imports More Than Exports, Still Oil Dependent- NBS



Olusola Bello

Nigeria recorded a deficit trade balance of about N3,023.50 billion in the third quarter of 2021 as the value of imports continued to outpace exports, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday

This was contained in the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS’) Foreign Trade in Goods Statistics report.  Made available on Monday.

The deficit was an increase of 26.53% compared to the same period in 2020.

Total imports in the third quarter grew to N8,153.79 billion, showing an increase of 17.32% quarter on quarter and 51.47% on a year-on-year basis.

And total exports were pegged at N5,130.30 billion, which shows a 1% growth compared to the second quarter of the same year and a 71.38% growth compared to the third quarter in 2020.

“Export in the third quarter 2021 was still oil-dependent,” the NBS said. “Crude oil exports recorded N4,026.18 billion and it remained the major product in total exports (78.48%), while non-crude oil was valued at N1,104.1 billion or 21.52% of total exports of which Non-oil products only contributed N546.27 billion representing 10.65% of total exports during the quarter under review.”

Nigeria’s major export trading partners, according to the report were India (14.78%), Spain (12.22%), Italy (8.69%), France (7.08%), Netherlands (4.78).

However, the major import trading partners were China (29.95%), India (8.71%), the United States (7.35%), the Netherlands (6.80%) and, Belgium (5.32%).

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