Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Advocates for Balanced Regulatory Environment



The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has urged regulators and the buying public to engender an atmosphere that promotes objectivity and fairness, whilst safeguarding the interest of the consumer and protecting the business and integrity of the manufacturer

Segun Ajayi-Kadir, mni, Director General of the Association, emphasized the need for intentional steps to protect manufacturers from the adverse effects of social media trial and defamation and ensuring fairness for all stakeholders. Addressing the Impact of Social Media Defamation, Ajayi-Kadir said this could significantly affect their businesses and even threaten their existence. He stressed the need for measures that recognize the challenges faced by manufacturers in Nigeria and encourage consumer patronage and empathy.

The MAN Director General is of the opinion that manufacturers should be protected from the adverse effects of unverified negative claims about locally manufactured products. While acknowledging and encouraging consumers’ right to voice legitimate complaints through appropriate channels, he underscored the significance of holding consumers accountable for spreading false information about local products and attempting to vilify local manufacturers in the public opinion place.

Drawing from a recent experience involving a member company, Erisco Foods, and an incident with a dissatisfied customer, MAN highlighted the need for equal protection of manufacturers’ and consumers’ rights. The case underscored the importance of diligent investigation as carried out by the Lagos state consumer protection agency and the Standards Organization of Nigeria which exonerated the manufacturer of the said product. The two agencies should actually be commended for unravelling the truth of the case.

Highlighting the challenging business environment in Nigeria, MAN emphasized the critical role of consumer patronage in maintaining the viability of local manufacturing businesses. The association stressed the negative impact of unverified statements on businesses, even when product validation confirms their quality, and urged government agencies to take deliberate steps to protect manufacturers while protecting the right of the consumer.

Emphasizing the need to support Nigerian manufacturers and elevate the perception of locally made products, MAN calls for a shift in consumer behavior towards patronizing domestic goods and showcasing their quality to the global market. The association underscored the importance of mutual accountability between manufacturers and consumers to foster economic growth in Nigeria.

Ajayi-Kadir added that, MAN advocacy underscores the importance of balanced regulatory policies that protect manufacturers while upholding consumer rights, ultimately aiming to foster a conducive environment for sustainable business growth in Nigeria and the wellbeing of its people. As a responsible association, MAN is committed to ensuring that the case is resolved amicably.

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