Leverage on women participation key to end insecurity in Nigeria



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Sikirat Shehu


if we must end insecurity in Nigeria; women have to be positively engaged in the fight against the scourge, SP Ajayi Okasanmi, the Kwara State Police Public Relation Officer has said,



Okasanmi recommended this in his lecture delivered at a day Seminar on ‘The Role of Women in Curtailing  Insecurity In Nigeria’,  organized by Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), Kwara chapter.


According to him, the issue of insecurity in the country is getting out of hand, suggesting that we have to adopt other means as the conventional method is failing us.


“Since the conventional method is failing us so, we can use any other method to fight insecurity. We all know the role of women in the society and without a woman; the life itself could be meaningless.


“Our women have power to keep home alive, they can effect changes whenever they determined to bring back sanity in areas of concern. If they are given the chance and adequate support; all these problems would be ameliorated.



The PPRO said the incessant rate of criminal acts could be traced to economic hardship, unemployment, but the major cause is the kind of children we raise nowadays.


“70 percent of Nigeria’s problems caused as a result of broken home and neglegence of some parents. If our children are well nurtured- they will grow up to be decent youths and build a better nation.




“What we are experiencing today is worrisome and called for stringent measures for us to end the menace of insecurity. If you look at the peepetrators most of them are youths so, mothers have great work to do in bringing up children the right way.




“Women should support in the fight against insecurity and pray for peace in this country. They have to be patient and stay together with their spouses to remodel our youths in the rightful manner.”



In her submission, Anthonia Daniel, a legal practitioner expressed dismay over which ladies and girls are been molested.



She, however, sues for women empowerment and involvement in fight against insecurity as females are vulnerable and are at the receiving end.



“Government have to redouble efforts in tackling insecurity in Nigeria to ensure peace and tranquility. The problem of insecurity has affected lots of things including our economy. Harders/farmers clash, rape, kidnapping among other criminal acts.




“Women are good at mutil -tasking, we should be allowed to partake in fight against insecurity.

We also need to be involved in policy making. We can do better in contriving our quota to the battle.



“The laws allowing women to be involved in security matters are there. Government should back it and give us chance to perform.”



Ayobola Olupinla, the chairperson Kwara State chapter said that all hands must be on deck to tackle  insecurity ensure peace and tranquility in Nigeria.

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