Electricity Supply Disruption Imminent, As Union Threatens To Picket, Shut down Transmission Stations


The fragile  electricity supply situation  in the country may be disrupted if the National Union of Electricity Employee (NUEE)carry out its threat to shut down stations across the country if certain entitlements of its members which have been due since 2019 are not made available to them

 The union in a letter sent out to those concerned on Monday, today, enjoined its member to be ready for mobilization for serious picketing of the headquarters of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) and its stations nationwide.

One of the main grouse of the union is the directive by the board of the organization that all those in the position of Principal manager must undergo a promotion interview before they can be promoted to become Assistant General Managers.

 The directive according to the union contradicts the TCN’s condition service and career progression paths. It claims this was unilaterally done without the input of other stakeholders

 Part of the reasons for the planned actions is the alleged stigmatization of staff by the office of Head Service of the federation from working in order areas of the power sector

 Another allegation against the TCN  board is that it refused to allow the market operators to fund the entitlements of ex- NEPA staff as agreed in December 2019 after industrial action by the union.

 According to letter signed by Jeo Ajaero, General Secretary of the union, the picketing of the TCN  headquarters would start Tuesday 16th of August, while there would total shutdown of activities in all the stations across the country on Wednesday 17the of August.

 Further clarification from him by Business Standards, he said, his members are dying without getting their entitlements and that they want to put a stop to this.

olusola Bello

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