Africa’s Economy Losses $3trn To Importation of Manufactured Industrial Products–TWF


The economy of Africa is losing about $3 trillion due to the unavoidable importation of manufactured products in terms of industrial machinery and the like.

Ayo Adeniyi executive director, The Welding Federation (TWF) stated this at seminar organized by Cameroon’s Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises with the theme: “The Respect and Implementation of Industry Norms Through Training and Certification  In line With National Development Strategy of Cameroon Towards Agenda 2030″

TWF which was represented by its executive director, Ayo Adeniyi reviewed technical details of norms relevant to growing manufacturing in Cameroon and further proffered a guide on how to domesticate the implementation of relevant norms.

His presentation gave a technical exposition on TWF as a continental body, and how TWF’s systems and schemes for building and sustaining manufacturing in Africa, address domestication of norms in cameroon, driving best practices locally, and building a manufacturing workforce (skilled persons) relevant to both local and continental space opportunities in manufacturing.

Ayo posited in his presentation that fortunately local content among countries is fast giving way to African Content as a more sustainable economic model in the face of growing awareness and constantly mutating dynamics of the materials manufacturing industry.

He commended Cameroon’s national interest to grow manufacturing and access opportunities in the continental market as being very much complimentary to market realities.

He explained the massive financial hemorrhage which characterises national economies in Africa due to lack of integrated capacities and skilled workforce with mobile market access.

He added that the future of economic and employment sustainability for Africans is in Africa as a block, not a regional municipality. The opportunities continent wise is more self-sustaining and complementary to national economies than rigidly localized frameworks.

He reiterated that the unavoidable importation of manufactured products in terms of industrial machinery and the likes constitutes the biggest losses to Africa’s $3 trillion opportunities economy, as is a common across member states but beyond the national capacity of any member state.

A narrative that can only be addressed through a well-coordinated integration of sub-level essentials applicable to Africa’s manufacturing industry.

TWF primary purpose is building, integrating and sustaining materials manufacturing across Africa with her pool of manufacturing systems and schemes

olusola  Bello

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