Why TCN Could Not Meet MAY 27th Timeline–mgt



On Monday,27th May 2024, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) notified the general public about the collapse of tower number T290, one of the four new towers erected by TCN contractors along the Jos – Gombe 330kV transmission line during the cable stringing process.

The incident occurred at about 7 am, Monday morning, 27th May, 2024, while the contractor was stringing the cable on the last tower, which was supposed to enable the final jointing of the power cable in time for energizing of the line yesterday.

In a press release signed by Ndidi Mbah, TCN’s spokesperson, it stated that despite the security challenges in the area, it contractors and some of its engineering staff worked tirelessly to fast-track the project, doing all that was humanly possible to meet the time-line.

“Daily, the contractor, TCN engineers accompanied by security operatives consistently left the site by 10 pm in the night and resumed work at 6 am every day.”

Constructing towers and stringing power cables at such heights is highly technical, although TCN contractors and staff have successfully completed similar projects in other parts of the country. The collapse of the fourth tower is a significant setback, given the extensive efforts to ensure that Monday’s power restoration timeline was met.

Our contractor is currently dismantling the collapsed tower members, to enable its reconstruction and final restringing of the cable.

“It is unfortunate to note that while TCN is working on reconstructing and restringing the four vandalised towers, three (3) towers along the Biu – Danbua 132kV transmission line were also vandalized with 16 spans of conductors stolen. The towers, which have all collapsed include towers T1690, T1691 and T1692. TCN has mobilized a contractor to commence their reconstruction. This discovery was made by TCN patrol team, last Friday.”

“Additionally, this morning, the TCN lines patrol team discovered that tower T540 along the Makurdi – Jos 330kV double circuit transmission line has been vandalised. Sections of the tower have been removed, although the tower remains standing. TCN has contracted emergency repairs, to prevent its collapse.”

“We reiterate our commitment to restoring normal bulk power supply through the distribution companies serving the North East and other areas affected by vandalism. There is however an urgent need for everyone to join hand with TCN in protecting our collective assets by being vigilant and reporting any suspected acts of tower and line vandalism promptly.”


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