U.S. Court Slams $50,000 Damages on Funke Ashekun for Defaming MFM Church, Olukoya






A Baltimore County Circuit Court in the United States of America, presided over by Theresa Adams, has slammed a record $50,000 damages on a US-based Nigerian blogger, Funke Ashekun.

Collins Edomaruse, media aide to Dr. Olukoya, said in a statement on Thursday that the damages were slammed on Ashekun for defaming Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) and its General Overseer, Dr. Daniel Olukoya.

The fifty thousand dollars is the amount of damages she is to pay.

The jury found that the postings of Ms. Ashekun had defamed the Mountain of Fire and shown its pastors in a false light.

In handing down judgment in the matter with Case Number: C-03-CV-22-004424, the court returned a unanimous verdict in favor of Mountain of Fire USA and its three pastors, Grace Ugeh, Kunle Ladipo and Adekunle Adekola.

Ashekun is a Nigerian lady, who recently relocated to the United States.  She has been on social media, spreading all manners of falsehoods against the  MFM Church and its General Overseer with the sole purpose of tarnishing and damaging the reputation of the respected Man of God and that of his ministry – MFM.

Being deceived by this illusion that she can hide in the U.S. and successfully carry out the job of her paymasters to ridicule and tarnish the image of the MFM and its General Overseer, she refused to heed all Godly counsel for her to retrace her steps and refrain from her self-destructive mission.

Thus, the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (U.S) successfully prosecuted its claims against her which did not last for a year.

The case thus represents a victory for the MFM ministry, its local pastors and the General Overseer.

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry’s lead counsel, Gilbert Garcia, said that the ‘Church was gratified that the jury found in favor and vindicated our position.’

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