Their last day as a Dutch company: an ode and goodbye to Shell


Their last day as a Dutch company: an ode and goodbye to Shell – DutchReview

The Netherlands bids Shell adieu on their last official day, December 31, as Royal Dutch Shell according to their “simplification” plans.

Shell sure made it a simple and easy transition, like the breath of fresh air you get after slamming the door shut behind someone annoying. Adios, and happy new year. 🎉

And with the company moving their head office from The Hague to London in December 31, and having their first board meeting in the UK as they plan for their new name: Shell plc — it was a big day for them too

Our goodbye gift? From DutchReview, this news piece in celebration of their last day as a Dutch probl — we mean company. But others such as GroenLinks can’t just let them leave like that either. reports that an additional tax assessment for companies that leave the Netherlands for a country without dividend tax (like the UK) is being considered.

Their reasons, our pleasure

As Shell becomes fully British on paper today, let’s look into why. The Anglo-Dutch Shell was apparently suffering under different tax rules, which contributed to their decision in leaving.

According to Shell CEO, Ben van Beurden, the company never had an intention to be administratively present in two countries as it was a temporary construction in 2005 with the assumption that Dutch tax rules be adjusted. Nice try. 😏

This move is more symbolic (and for tax purposes). The Hague office will continue to exist — just no longer as the head office — and other Shell activities will also remain in the Netherlands.


Nevertheless, we’re happy that Shell’s name is no longer Dutch associated so we’re hereby officially locking the door on Shell once and for all. Bye Felicia

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