The Shola Adefolalu Gaska Foundation Launches Initiative To Strengthen Families


The Shola Adefolalu Gaska Foundation has launched a pathway to help strengthen Nigerian families through a charity known as The Adefolalu Love is a Verb (ALiVe) Initiative.

The ALiVe Initiative is an informal social security system jdesigned to provide financial assistance to vulnerable women and families facing economic hardship. The initiative is in memory of deceased members of the Adefolalu family, among whom are Daniel Oladele, Monisola Ramotu, Adeyanju Joseph and Funmilola Sherifat.

“Not only do our loved ones live on in our hearts, we pray that the work of this initiative will keep their memories alive for generations to come,” said a spokesperson for the Foundation, Afolake Olayinka.

The initiative aims to touch the lives of vulnerable women and families across Nigeria, beginning with Lagos, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Niger and Ekiti states as well as Abuja.

Starting May 26, 2024, each beneficiary will receive N25,000 every month for one year.

The ALiVe Initiative will be funded by an initial seed investment made available by the Trustees of the Shola Adefolalu Gaska Foundation.

Some donations from individuals and corporate bodies will also be added to the initiative’s pool of funds.

The Shola Adefolalu Gaska Foundation was incorporated in 2017 by Salt Essien-Nelson in honour of her late sister, Sholly and it seeks to bring smiles to the faces of people in need (especially women and children) by providing financial, emotional and spiritual support.Thus bringing purpose out of the deep pain of personal loss.


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