The Lagos Red Line Rail Will Be Flagged Off End of February–  Sanwo-Olu . 



Governor Sanwo-Olu noted this when he visited the headquarters of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation in Dalian, China.

“We are ready for the flag off of the Red Line. We are waiting for Mr. President. The President is still promising us this month February for us to formally flag it off. We have started doing a lot of testing,” Sanwo-Olu said in a Monday statement by the Lagos State Government.

“We have some rolling stocks already. We have started doing some bit of testing and if the President is able to check his calendar and give us last week in February, we are waiting for him. And thereafter, we would probably cross the ‘t’ and dot the ‘i’ to ensure that we have enough safety to begin to carry passengers.”

The governor was in China to finish up transactions on the purchase of rolling stock for the Blue and Red rail lines in the State.

“We are at the Dalian train manufacturing plant. They are manufacturers of the existing Blue Line trains. We have also come here to order new rolling stock for both the Red Line and additional rolling stock for the Blue Line,” the governor added.

“It is a very impressive facility. They have been in this business for over 100 years. And they are indeed one of the foremost and known train coach manufacturers in the world. As you can see, these are all finished products that have been done for other cities. And I am sure, like you have seen the red ones, the ones for Lagos too, will be on this track very soon.”

Lagos Red Line Rail To Be Flagged Off Month End, Says Sanwo-Olu



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