Standard Chartered Advocates For Stronger Collaborative Participation In Clean and Renewable Energy Initiatives



Standard Chartered Bank (Nigeria) Limited hosted its esteemed clients, at the maiden event, Sustainability Forum in Lagos recently. The well-attended event had over 100 of the Bank’s Corporate clients within the manufacturing, production, and services industry.

Speaking on the topic, Clean and Renewable Energy Initiatives – Driving Development through Sustainable Financing, Dean of Lagos Business School and the founding Director of the School’s Sustainability Centre Professor Chris Ogbechie said the role of collaboration between organisations to drive a common Sustainability agenda cannot be over emphasized. He noted that their contributions are integral towards fostering economic development and achieving some of the social development goals in Nigeria.

During his presentation, Professor Ogbechie said, ‘Financing clean energy initiatives in Nigeria requires collaboration between various players. International collaboration is also important. For example, multilateral development banks and developed countries can provide loans, grants, and technical expertise. Domestic financial institutions like banks, pension funds, and insurance companies can play a role too. Banks can offer green bonds and climate focused loans, while pension funds and insurance companies can invest in clean energy projects for their long-term benefits. Together a lot can be achieved to do business the ethical and sustainable way.’

Speaking at the event, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Dalu Ajene said, ‘At Standard Chartered, we believe that sustainability is not only important for our business but for our community, our nation, our continent, and the survival of our planet. As responsible corporate citizens, we commit ourselves to driving change at a local and global level and in all aspects of our operations. We are aware of the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions and transition towards cleaner energy sources, which is why we are committed to the growth of clean and renewable energy in Nigeria. The energy industry is one of the most significant sectors driving economic development globally, but it also creates significant environmental challenges that cannot be ignored. At Standard Chartered, we are taking steps to finance and invest in projects that contribute to the growth of the clean energy sector in Nigeria, providing economic and environmental benefits.’

Highlight of the event was a panel discussion with key industry experts consisting of Titi Oshodi – Special Assistant on Climate Change & Circular Economy, Lagos State; Ayo Ademilua – President, Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria; Soromidayo George – Director, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability, Hellenic Bottling Company and Victor Agih – CEO & Sustainability Advisor, Klaymann and Greyman Limited.



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