Legend & Legacy To Co-ordinate Nigeria’s Delegation Participation At “Invest in African Energy Forum” in Paris




Energy Capital & Power organizers of “Invest in African Energy Forum 2024” has appointed Legend & Legacy, to officially co-ordinate Nigeria’s delegation participation at the upcoming “Invest in African Energy Forum 2024”. The forum is scheduled to take place from May 14 to 15 at the prestigious The Westin Paris, Vendôme, Paris, France.

The monumental event is set to gather prominent industry leaders, government officials, and stakeholders in the energy sector to explore opportunities, challenges, and strategies for advancing energy investment across the African continent.

“We are highly honored to be appointed as the official coordinator for Nigeria’s delegation to Invest in African Energy Forum 2024, and we recognize the immense potential for collaboration and innovation that this forum offers”, Kunle Odusola-Stevenson, Head Strategist/Chief Executive, Legend & Legacy, said.

With a focus on enabling African natural gas and energy investments, the forum aims to facilitate discussions on financing transformative projects that will drive sustainable development and economic growth.

As an organization deeply committed to the advancement of the energy sector in Nigeria and across Africa, Energy Capital & Power, a South African-based firm recognizes the importance of active participation in events such as Invest in African Energy 2024. By bringing together key stakeholders, the forum provides a platform for fostering collaboration, innovation, and investment opportunities that are vital for the region’s energy landscape.

Legend & Legacy, a premier media and Public Relations partner for elite business networking in energy and logistics through tailored events and media platforms, is coordinating industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to join the delegation representing Nigeria at Invest in African Energy 2024. This participation not only positions Nigerian companies as key players in the African energy sector but also offers an opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of energy investment on the continent.

“Participation in events like the Invest in African Energy Forum 2024 is crucial for driving sustainable development and economic growth across the continent. By coming together with industry leaders, government officials, and stakeholders, we can shape the future of energy investment in Africa and pave the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future for generations to come,” Odusola-Stevenson said.

Furthermore, Legend & Legacy is also reaching out to interested parties to explore sponsorship opportunities, speaker engagements, and other forms of involvement in Invest in African Energy 2024. By showcasing a commitment to sustainable development and innovation, companies can demonstrate leadership and drive positive change within the energy sector.


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