Kogi Group Urges EFCC To Probe  $1m School Fees  Ex-Governor  Paid Regent College, ABUJA




Kogi State indigenes Living in Abuja under the aegis of Concern Kogi Citizen in Abuja (CKCA) have called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to beam its searchlight more on the embattled former governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, said there is more to his corruption than the anti-graft agency has unraveled.

The group specifically called on the EFCC to extend its dragnet to Regents College, Abuja, where the ex-Kogi Governor has a child and 3 other relatives children he’s sponsoring.

Spokesperson of the group, Comrade Naallah Danokene, said just like the British International College saga, the former Kogi governor paid in advance over 1 million dollars to the Regent College, Abuja, to cover the tuition fees of one of the children from his four wives along with 3 other relatives children;  for many years yet to come.

Specifically, the group said the anti-graft agencies should thoroughly probe Bello’s Accountant General, Jimoh, State Commissioner for Finance, Asiru Idris to come and explain their role in the proliferation of state coffers by Yahaya Bello.

It said the Regent College Abuja which is the best British school in Africa had their fees in millions of naira even at primary levels.

DanOkene who made the position of the group known in a statement after their meeting in Abuja on Saturday said they have it on good record that the former governor has for long stashed dollars and other hard currencies in his abode.

“We cannot allow the former governor to get away with all his atrocities. If we allow corrupt politicians like Yahaya Bello to roam free, he will use the stolen money to induce a lot of people to speak for him, just like it’s observable in recent times.

“We are afraid that Yahaya Bello has plunge the state into a deep hole of mess. And has succeeded in installing one of his cronies who will continue to loot the state on his behalf.”

The group made up of members from the senatorial districts of Kogi has some appointees of the former governors as members.

They said the former governor sold all the state properties he inherited to himself and his cronies, and he must be made to explain what he did with all the state resources for eight years.

“The former governor sold the Confluence Beech Hotel, Kogi House in Lagos and Abuja, the Kogi Hotels, Lokoja, and other state properties in a questionable manner to his proxy.

“He also forced his accountant General, Auditor General, and 12 other appointees on his successor, Governor Usman Ododo. Nowhere in Nigeria has a former governor arms-twisted his predecessor and made him a dummy like Kogi.

“We must rise to save the state. And the EFCC must come to our aid in looking deeply into these atrocities perpetrated by Bello in and out of office.”

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