IMF, W/Bank, Others Joined Forces To Accelerate Access To COVID-19 Vaccines


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Olusola Bello

…to vaccinate at least 40% of people in every country by end 2021

The International Monetary Fund, World Bank Group, World Health Organization and World Trade Organization have joined forces to accelerate access to COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics by leveraging multilateral finance and trade Global effors tpo help developing  countrysolutions, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

This  a global efforts to help developing countries access and deliver Covid 19 vaccines, Testing and Therapeutics, as   there are major global corns are  working to end the pandemics and boost economic recovery.

The aim is to vaccinate at least 40 percent of people in every country by the end of 2021, and at least 60 percent by mid-2022.  The effort will track, coordinate, and advance delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics, working with governments and partners at the global and local levels to address finance and trade barriers to ensure that vulnerable populations have access to these life-saving tools. It supports the goals of the ACT-Accelerator and complementary initiatives.

The Task Force members are mobilizing critical financing, with a focus on grants and concessional lending; helping to remove barriers to export and import of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics; and supporting more production, including in low- and middle-income countries. The Task Force is calling on countries to share at least 1 billion vaccine doses with developing countries during 2021.

Through this web site, which includes a global database and country-by-country data dashboards, the Task Force is tracking and monitoring specific global and country-level gaps to support faster and more targeted solutions to accelerate access  to COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and tests in developing countries.

To achieve this various task forces have been set  up   and these include Finance, Manufacturing and Trade,  coordination and advocacy


The Task Force will track aggregate vaccine, diagnostics and treatment financing gaps, including for the ACT-Accelerator and its COVAX Facility, and advocate with partners to close them, drawing on the expertise of their respective institutions. It will help member organizations mobilize critical financing, including grants and concessional lending.


Manufacturing and Trade

The Task Force recognizes the importance of expanding the supply of COVID-19 vaccines through coalitions to invest and build capacity for production in developing countries. It will highlight supply chain issues and cross-border trade flows and restrictions to optimize production and developing countries’ access to vaccines.



The World Bank Group and the World Health Organization will convene Task Force partners regularly to ensure for rapid, coordinated multilateral response, including financing. The Task Force will communicate high-level priorities to the G20 and other stakeholders.



The Task Force advocates urgent action on increasing access to vaccines for developing countries, including through dose sharing, transparency in contracts and delivery, removal of bottlenecks in trade and value chains, and efforts to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

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