IBEDC Says It is Committed To Improve Service


…achieves supply milestone for Band A customers for two consecutive months.


The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC)  said it has successfully provided a cumulative minimum of 620 hours of electricity supply to its  Band A customers over the past two months.

This achievement was confirmed during a performance evaluation period monitored by the Regulator.

Starting with an initial 30 Band A feeders in April, IBEDC received approval from the Regulator to upgrade an additional 30 feeders later in April, another 30 in May, and 15 more feeders subsequently, bringing the total to 83 feeders.

These feeders are categorized as follows: 34 11kV and 49 33kV.

The Acting Managing Director, Engr. Francis Agoha, stated, “IBEDC remains committed to meeting the service delivery expectations of all our customers across various tariff bands. We continue to enhance our network upgrades within our coverage areas to ensure consistent and reliable electricity supply, in addition we are working assiduously to ensure power supply to other bands improve significantly”.

IBEDC’s dedication to service excellence and continuous improvement underscores our mission to provide reliable and efficient electricity to our valued customers. We appreciate the support of our customers and the Regulator in achieving this significant milestone.



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