Don Canvases Improved Entrepreneurial Skills In Communication Technology 




Adetoun Omolola Idowu. Ph.D. (CLN) - Professor of Library and Information  Science - University of Ilorin | LinkedIn


Sikirat Shehu



Adetoun Omolola Idowu, a professor of Library and Information Science, University of Ilorin, has advocated for improved entrepreneural opportunity in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), to engage our youths positively.



Idowu, who indicated this while delivering the university’s 200th inaugural lecture titled, “The Convergence of Practice and Teaching: An Exciting World of Library and Information Science” equally advocated for the introduction of entrepreneurial skills in schools curriculum as the white collar job is no longer there.



“Students and graduate of LIS are trained to think outside the box and embrace the numerous entrepreneurial skills they are exposed to,” she said.



The expert in library science however, expressed concern over the challenges confronting the profession (Libarianship),  adding that the proliferation of library schools in Nigerian University has led to an attendant over production of librarians who remain jobless after many years of graduation.




“Concerted efforts have to be made to provide resources and innovation centers where the skill of these librarians can be put to good use.



“All academics libraries in Nigeria should be fully automated as that is the current trend in the discipline.


“On internet fraud, employment opportunities in ICT usage should be created for our large population of unemployed LIS graduates so that they can fully utilize their skills in profitable ventures



“All ministries and parastatals, as well as agencies, must be encouraged to establish an in-house library and documentation units to cater for the records management of their information resources.”

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